Can a VA Bring Value To Your Business?

Since deciding to start our Virtual Assistant business, we have been making sure to get the word out by telling everyone about it. We slowly came to realise how few people actually know what a VA is. So today is all about awareness. Keep reading to find out what it is that we do and, if you have a business, see how we can help you out.

What is a VA and what do they do?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides the same support services as a regular assistant, but from a remote location. They are mainly used by small to medium businesses (especially those run online) who need assistance on a project but do not want to hire full-time staff.

Since the only difference between virtual and on-site assistance is the location, the duties are pretty much the same. Some VAs also offer specialized services according to previous work experience or qualifications. In addition to the regular administrative functions, some are also able to assist with marketing, web design, and bookkeeping.

Virtual Assistants can also offer specialized services according to their skills

Determining if hiring a VA is for you

As an entrepreneur, the business you’re starting is your dream. When following your dream, you have a particular image in mind and would prefer to do everything yourself to ensure that it’s “done right”. At some point, it all gets too much and you realize that you really can’t do it all alone for two simple reasons: A) You are only human (I assume) and burnout is a real thing. B) Dr Google and Professor YouTube can only teach you so much. Sometimes you don’t know all the answers and need to ask someone who knows what they’re doing for help. I promise it’s ok. No one will think any less of you if you do.

Use this simple method to figure out how a VA can help you put more into your business.

Follow these steps to determine if hiring a Virtual Assistant would be beneficial to you and your business

What are the benefits?

  • When you realise that you cannot do it all yourself and start delegating some of your tasks to a skilled VA, you’re ensuring that they will be done faster and with more precision.
  • You will save greatly by not having to cover office supplies, equipment or even paying benefits. Even if the hourly rate is the same as an on-site assistant, the cost of a Virtual Assistant will only consist of the hourly rate.
  • Since not all projects are long-term, you have the freedom to hire as needed for a particular assignment. No long term contracts and obligations to pay staff even if you don’t have work for them to do.
  • With the flexibility in a Virtual Assistant’s hours, you may even find that your work has been done at night or over weekends or holidays. The best part is that it doesn’t cost a cent in overtime.
  • A Virtual Assistant depends on recurring projects from clients, because of this you are guaranteed that they will provide the best possible service and deliver as fast as possible. Customer satisfaction is a very important part of freelance work.
Reduce your workload while still getting the job done

And there you have it

You now have a better understanding of what a VA is and how your business can benefit. So what are you waiting for? Let us know how we can help you make better use of your time. Our specialized services will add a professional touch without any extra effort from your side, allowing you to focus on the things you enjoy. Did I mention the added benefit of how much you can save?

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