Creating a Website for Your Business

It may seem like a daunting task if you consider yourself technologically challenged or struggle to understand the technical jargon. But creating a website for your business is actually much easier than it seems. And with how technology is everywhere, it would be beneficial for your business as it allows you to communicate with customers and helps them find you.

What are the main types of websites and which one should you choose?

The first step is to understand the different types of websites and decide which would suit your business needs best. Before making this choice you need to decide on the goal you would like to achieve, then look at the functionality of each type to make your match.


It can be used as a feature on your main website or a complete website on its own. You can use this to share news and opinions with potential and existing customers.

Business card site

A basic one-page website used to represent yourself or your company. The content includes your company name, description and contact information. You could even include a brief product description.

Portfolio site

While similar to the business card site, it also includes space to showcase your work. This type of website is preferred by photographers, design firms, and writers.

Product brochure site

This type of site is used to showcase the goods and services on offer. It may include pricing guidelines and sometimes included in marketing efforts but customers are unable to make online purchases.

E-Commerce site

An online store that allows you to showcase your products and services with the option for the customer to buy. Simplified methods are available with some research.

So what next?

You’ve decided which website suits your needs best, what now? This is where you can let your creativity fly and start creating your website. There are four simple steps to follow, there are more aspects to discover as you get more comfortable and play around more.

1.      Domain name

Choose the name and address for your business website (

2.      Hosting platform

The hosting platform refers to where your website will be stored and includes hosting, web builder and email addresses. It is very important to shop around to find a package that will meet your requirements.

3.      Website content

Keep it simple, clear and easy to navigate. The main pages on a website are:


Includes your business name, location and a simple description of what makes your business unique.


Describing the products and services that you have on offer.

About us

A brief background story, sometimes introducing your team members. If possible, this is also a good space to add any customer testimonials.


A great tool to connect with customers

Contact Us

List your contact details here. Email address, physical address, and contact numbers. You can even include links to any social media profiles.

4.      Design your logo and website

Ensure that there is consistency between your logo and the design of your web pages. Choose your color, font, and style carefully. Do not add too much graphics to your website, this will only draw attention away from your products.

It’s that simple. The only thing left to do is publish your website.

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