Creating Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand refers to the “mark” or reputation surrounding your name or career used to express your skills, personality, and values. It reflects who you are and what you have to offer while helping you stand out from the crowd.

Why should you create a personal brand?

When you do, you are creating a vision for your future which could lead to career growth and industry recognition. By separating yourself from your competition, you are making yourself more appealing to your target audience with a recognizable personal brand.

How to create a strong personal brand:

  • Create a virtual platform in the form of a website linked to the social media account that represents your brand.
  • Make a list of all the skills and strengths you have developed in your career to help identify what makes you unique.
  • Do more research on the specific points that make you unique. Do all you can to become an expert in those areas.
  • Share the knowledge you have just unlocked and use it to teach others. Sharing your knowledge will also help you gain exposure.
  • Don’t follow the crowd. Use your unique skills to attract jobs or clientele that you want. Create the footprints that others would want to follow in.
  • Identify your emotional appeal (personality features), describe yourself and your specialty.

You have now created your own unique, strong personal brand which can be used for career development.

This can be quite a time-consuming task, but the benefits are worth it. Your personal brand cannot be taken away from you and will follow you throughout your career advancement. It allows people to see who you are and what you stand for, but it also allows you to define how people see you so put your best foot forward.

Always remember to stay true to you.

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