Dedicated family time

Discovering the Work/Family Balance

Starting your own business is already a challenge, throw a couple of kids in the mix and you could end up with chaos. I’ve been at home for a good long while…Yes, this can get very boring and VERY frustrating. I just started looking into studying when I found out that I was pregnant with our eldest daughter. Let’s put a pin in that one. Then I decided that I needed to be more than just a mom. So I started looking into online work that I could do while taking care of her. Cue the shock of the second pregnancy. Put a pin in that one too.

home work balance when you work from home

Finding the Balance

So here we are…both kids in day-care/Kindergarten, no more additions to the family, and I can now focus on doing something more. Not only for myself but for our family. So now the question is this: How do I find a balance between work and family when I work from home? This is where my inner nerd does her happy dance. It’s time to do some research and planning.

Set Goals

By having your goals set out, you can have a clear vision of what you want and what you’re working toward. Many people swear by vision boards and to be quite honest, I haven’t tried it yet. But I have recently started working on a Trello goal board. That’s sort of similar I guess.

Create a Rough Outline of Your Schedule

Keeping a schedule can save your sanity

When are you at peak productivity during the day? When can you do your best work? For me, this is from mid-morning to late-afternoon. So if I have errands to run or housework to do, I try limiting that to the early morning. By the time the girls are back home, most (if not all) of my work for the day is done.

Stop Trying To Do It All

Ask for help before you drown

Cleaning, cooking, laundry, children, work…I know I can’t give it all 100% if I’m drained. To avoid burnout, it is so important to ask for help. Your spouse or partner, your family, friends, or you can outsource. It doesn’t matter who you ask. Just stop trying to do it all on your own.

Set Aside a Dedicated Family Time

Quality time ice cream date

Since I prefer working during the day, I dedicate the evenings to our girls. This is the time we spend playing, talking, enjoying a meal, watching movies, or listening to/reading a story together. We try to keep this time focused on them. If there’s any work that needs to be done, it can wait until after they’ve gone to sleep. We try to keep our weekends for family activities as well.

Celebrate Every Chance You Get

Celebrate the small things

As much as I wish I could sit still long enough to watch a movie without my mind running wild or falling asleep, I absolutely love being this busy. Every now and then I need to remind myself to take a moment to celebrate the wins. It doesn’t matter how small they are. As with kids, celebrating every win motivates them to keep doing their best. It may seem insignificant to others but I absolutely love doing this. It helps keep me motivated and reminds me to appreciate everything.

Final Thought

As important as it is to work hard to provide, nurturing the relationships with your family are more important. At the end of the day, they’re the reason for everything that we do. What does it help to neglect them in pursuit of financial provision?

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