Tested Ideas To Earn Extra Money From Home

First things first…I must apologize for the complete silence. When I say that we’ve been completely thrown for a loop over the last two weeks….I promise I am not exaggerating.

So basically, I landed what I thought was a part-time writing job. It turns out I’ve been so crazy busy that all I see are words when I try to sleep. No seriously…When I close my eyes, my thoughts appear as if I’m typing them up. It’s definitely interesting. Anyhoo, that’s why the posts have become few. But I promise I’ll work on that. I’m still finding a system to ensure that I get everything done.

Now That’s Out The Way…

I’ve been planning to write this post for a few months already, but I wanted to make sure my research was right. A question that I’ve seen so often on Facebook has been: “What can I do from home to make some extra money?” Well as I’ve said before, I have been at home for nearly seven years. Over this time I’ve done a few things here and there to earn some extra money…some successful, some not. I thought I’d put together a list of the things I’ve tried that’s worked for me. 

1. Make Food

If there’s anyone who would be shocked by me making a statement like this, it would be my mother. I was that kid who suddenly had homework whenever she asked for help cooking. So this comes as a huge surprise. The crazy part is that during my time at home, I have discovered an absolute LOVE for the kitchen (or the science lab as Alex calls it). It’s become my happy place. Being from Cape Town, I don’t find all my favourite comfort foods very easily in Namibia. So I’ve had so much fun learning how to make it at home. And what better way to make money doing something that you enjoy doing? It may not bring in a fortune, but every little bit makes a difference in the end.

2. Crafts

I decided a long time ago that I wanted to learn how to make beaded jewellery. I had an insane amount of fun spending a few hours creating one single necklace. Yes, it took long, but it was rewarding. Here’s the huge secret though: These simple pieces of jewellery on sale in the shops, can be made for next to nothing. Even if you put a 100% markup on your cost of making a single item, it is still very often a fraction of the store prices. What’s even better is that, depending on your skill, you could even offer custom designs. No two pieces that I made looked the same (I got bored too easily). Let that creativity flow.

3. Writing

In case it hasn’t been made painfully obvious yet…I LOVE LOVE LOVE WRITING! Another thing that’s taken me by surprise. I’ve done a few freelance writing jobs here and there, but never really took it too seriously. Mainly because I didn’t have any confidence in my writing skill. Last year, a friend gave me some writing assignments and got me hooked. That led to us starting our blog and writing business. The more I write, the more confidence I’m building. There are so many options for finding freelance writing assignments. But do your research first because there are also many scams.

That’s It In A Nutshell…

The three “work from home” options that have worked the best for me. In my opinion, enjoying what you do is so important. So discover what you love and go for it.

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