Time For Change

Wow, this has been a rollercoaster of a year, the last six months have especially been hitting us. Six months ago, we registered a domain without having a clear vision for what our goal was. All we knew was that we wanted to write content and turn it into a business.

Bad advice?

Focusing on a specific niche doesn’t work for everyone

When we first started writing, we were told to choose an established niche while we are still fine-tuning our craft. While trying to discover our path, I made the mistake of asking for feedback on a Facebook group for bloggers. An established blogger told me to “decide on a topic, your content is all over the place”. Wow, that stung. For some reason, many people have this cookie-cutter view of blogging. I guess it all depends on who you ask. On some of these Facebook groups, I have also come across some really inspiring and encouraging people.

Forging our own path.

Telling someone to “choose a niche” as well as “write about what interests you” can be very contradictory when you’re interested in so many things. Our areas of interest are so extremely diverse, it was impossible to decide on one particular niche and make it sound interesting post after post.

Don’t allow yourself to be confined by other people’s restrictions

The best advice

An incredible childhood friend of ours gave us some really great and actionable advice. The best part was that the advice she gave us coincided with our goals. So what else is there to do but stop thinking and start doing? Sometimes you just need an outsider to verbalize what you’ve been considering for it to become reality. And that is where the blog revamp comes in. When you have a creative mind and a logical mind working together on a project, things tend to go all over the place. But hey, that’s us. And what better way to create a blog that reflects us than to write about our journey?

Our passion is leading us on a new journey.

Our vision made reality

We have realized that our blog has been too stuffy and “to the point”, but that’s not us. We really wanted this blog to reflect who we are, to have a more relaxed and more approachable vibe to it. So we decided to hit the drawing board and do a complete revamp to our newest baby.

Sharing about our challenges ranging from our very special Yorkie and our funny, testing, entertaining and interesting children to starting a business and still pursuing our hobbies and interests. Let me tell you, things can get really interesting. But all of these things keep us on our toes. If someone can find some encouragement or inspiration from our experiences, that would be great.

So sit back, relax and enjoy our “all over the place” journey.

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