Why Should You Register a Domain Name?

When creating a new website for your business, one of the biggest decisions or challenges you will face is choosing a domain name. I refer to it as a big decision or challenge because this will be how your business is known online. Your domain name is not something that can be changed later on down the line.

Is it really necessary to register a domain name?

Absolutely yes! Here are some of the main reasons why registering your own domain is a key starting point for getting your business online.

1.      You claim an online identity for your business

Get your domain name in the “address book”

Think of the internet as an online address book. By registering a domain name (contact name) to link to your IP address (contact number), the World Wide Web is able to make contact with your business. Internet users find it easier to remember a domain name instead of the series of numbers found in your IP address. If you could make it easier for users to find you, why would you choose not to?

2.      It is as good an investment as store signage

Your domain name can be compared to a sign for your storefront window

If you have a physical store, you would invest the time to create attractive signage to draw the attention of your potential customers. Having a registered domain name acts as the digital equivalent. By taking the time to secure a strong domain name, website, and email address, you are creating a professional online image for your business. Along with giving your business a professional look, you are also giving your business some credibility.

3.      It boosts your online presence and creates brand awareness

By registering a domain name, you are creating an online presence for your business and making it easier for potential clients to reach you. This simple act speaks volumes in how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in your product or service. Which, in turn, boosts confidence in your business and could result in more referrals.

Points to remember

  • Choosing and registering the right domain name is more than just a name. It contributes when building a reputation and better marketing and boosting web traffic and sales.
  • Choose a name that is memorable and easy to type. Keep it short, using keywords and avoid using any special characters.
  • Research names that have relevance to your product or service and are appealing to your target audience.
  • If possible, purchase any available extensions and misspelled variations of your chosen name. This will protect your brand and prevent confusion with other businesses. For each extra purchase, you can create a redirect to your main website.

It doesn’t matter what your business type is or what your product or service is, creating a website and registering a domain name is absolutely crucial when claiming your online territory. Since pretty much everything has gone digital, why would you want to be left behind?